A small company created and developed in 2007 by Jo Thompson specialising in quality patisserie and offering a service in high end artisan baking. A pastry chef by trade, she has been in the food industry for over 20 years, working in both the hotel and restaurant sector throughout the UK and private event catering in London. Relocating to Oxfordshire in 2003, where she sought employment at Daylesford Farmshop, Kingham and there began her quest to use organic and fairtrade ingredients at every opportunity.

Once Bitten - almond macaroons

Jo now spends her time attending local farmers’ markets in Oxfordshire and works as a freelance consultant in product development. A perfectionist at heart, she strives to produce only the best, aiming never to compromise quality over quantity. Passionate about sourcing local ingredients and supporting local businesses is essential to what ‘once bitten’ stands for and what she truly believes in.

Once Bitten - flapjacks

Jo offers a wide range of traditional British baking with the occasional modern twist and presentation that suits the moment. She hopes she can continue to entice further more discerning palates. Firmly believing that the ‘simplest of products baked well’ are often the most cherished.