SESI is a social enterprise which supplies organic, fair-trade and local food as well as sustainable, locally-made detergents straight into people’s own containers.

Whilst cutting on food waste and industrial recycling of packaging, they also wish to democratise food to make it affordable to the majority, reflecting their passionate belief that real food and sustainability are not a luxury. To make the impact they aim at, they want everyone to be involved.

SESI girls

By buying some of their new products directly from the producers, they are now able to lower prices for customers so that more people can refill. As their sales increase their surplus grows too, which means they can re-inject hard earned funds into broadening the product list, branching out with partnerships and reaching financial sustainability.SESI Collage New Feb18

Remember to bring your own empties to refill with whole foods and household detergents!

Facts about SESI:

  • 90% of the food is organic.
  • 40% of the food is locally produced


Twitter: @SESIOxford