Rachel and Fraser produce award winning artisan goats' cheese in Oxfordshire and are based at the Earth Trust Farm near Shillingford in South Oxfordshire. They started to build their own herd of purebred Anglo Nubian goats - the 'Jersey Cow' of the goat world - at the beginning of 2016 and are developing a range of delicious hand crafted cheeses based on traditional French recipes. Just three months after starting to sell their cheese, Rachel and Fraser have already picked up a number of national awards recognising the quality of their products: two Silver Awards at the Artisan Cheese Awards in March, and a Gold and Bronze medal at the British Cheese Awards in June.

Norton and Yarrow cheeses - Rachel and Fraser

They decided to become cheesemakers after a chance reading of an article about goats' cheese makers in an old copy of 'Woman and Home' magazine left behind in a villa they stayed in on holiday. This chimed with their love of animals and passion for high quality local food and sustainable farming. The idea for their new venture took shape from there and they leave behind previous careers in teaching and project management to reconnect with the farming backgrounds of earlier generations of their family. Their website is www.nortonandyarrow.co.uk and they can also be found on facebook.com/nortonandyarrow, and on Twitter (@nortonandyarrow).

Norton and Yarrow cheeses - cheese